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Erik Muenker – Owner

dog-CPR-low-res-My name is Erik and I am a professional dog walker. I’ve been working with dogs for more than 20 years, I’m trained in Advanced First Aid/CPR for animals (as well as humans) and I’d like to introduce you to my new dog walking business – Erik Walks Dogs.com.

ROLL Over Rover and Wag!

Tired of a different person walking your dog everyday? Unlike Rover or Wag, ErikWalksDogs.com guarantees you will be assigned the same dog walker everyday! Will Rover or Wag arrange this for you? Nope!

With ErikWalksDogs – there is no need to hide keys under the mat or flower pot! No need to have a different inexperienced dog walker arrive each day to your home while you are away!

With ErikWalksDogs – Your dog, home and house keys stay safe and secure! No doggie stress -> your dog is greeted with the same familiar face every day! Someone who will get to know your pet’s likes and dislikes. A professional who will notice if your dog is feeling poor or acts unusual – and text you to let you know!

How can we make that guarantee? Because, at Erik Walks Dogs – Erik ensures that the same handler walks your dog every day!


Our Service Area

Service Area Map ErikWalksDogsWe are proud to provide dog walking service to the residents of Hillsboro, Oregon. – PLUS bordering neighborhoods within Beaverton, such as Oak Hills, Five Oaks, Aloha, Cedar Mill, Cedar Hills, Somerset West and Bethany.


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Partner-Discounts-Welcome-Page-v2I often offer corporate discounts for folks who work at local businesses such as Intel, Salesforce, Amazon and Nike. Check back often for new deals!


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About Erik Walks Dogs

Erik Walks Dogs is owned and operated by Erik Muenker, a retired police officer for the City of Newport Beach, CA. Erik started this dog walking business because of his love for all breeds of dogs and due to his passion for helping people.

ErikWalksDogs.com - Saving-pet-with-cpr-DiagramI am trained in Advanced First Aid and CPR (human and dog). I’ve worked professionally with police dogs, and I have trained dogs through all three levels of advanced Shutzhund training – a rigorous training regiment designed to fully train dogs in Obedience, Tracking and Protection. Dogs that graduate this training work professionally in search and rescue, police work and professional protection.

I have owned more than a dozen different breeds over the past 35 years and I can’t wait to meet you and your amazing dog!
Erik while a police officer

Erik was medically retired following injuries received in the line-of-duty, while serving as a sworn police officer. During Erik’s multi-year physical recovery, his love for his two German Shepherds (Sundance and Cassidy) kept his spirits up and pushed him to focus on a full recovery.

Erik’s back on his feet and 100% again, thanks in large part to his canine companions and the daily push they provided to fully recover!

Erik’s 6 Step Process

During each and every dog walk:

Step 1

Erik will come to your home and gently greet your dog. Having the same dog walker each day, helps to reduce the stress on your dog. Erik will ensure the dog appears healthy and that the home is not overly hot or cold. If need be, he will notify the owner by text as to any concerns.

Step 2

Erik will professionally walk your dog and pick up after him/her. Erik will ensure your dog has quality time on their walk. Erik will be sure to give your dog plenty of time to walk on and smell the grass and nearby flowers.

Note: For more information on how Erik Walks Dogs, check out this article:

Article: “10 Steps to Master Art of Walking a Dog”
Step 3

Provide healthy treats! I always have healthy treats with me. One treat I often carry with me is  Ziwi Peak air-dried Tripe & Lamb, which is a complete balanced raw canine diet, containing 98% fresh meat, organs, bone & seafood. Dog’s LOVE Ziwi Peak and you can’t do much better in terms of nutrition or quality.

Step 4

Your dog is returned home safely after their walk. If this is a 30 minute visit, there will be for an extended outdoor walk or time for some indoor play – yeah (my favorite)!

Step 5

Ensure the dog has access to fresh clean water.

Step 6

Home is carefully locked up.

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If you’re looking for a professional dog walker who is knowledgeable, reliable, and trustworthy – look no further! Contact me today and let’s arrange a Free Consultation!

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I will meet you and your dog at your home. We can go for a dog walk and discuss how I can help. The consultation and walk are both free!  

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– Erik Muenker

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