10 TIPS to Prepare your Dog for a Day at the Beach

Beaches and Pooches

Summer is just around the corner!

For many, that means it’s time to pile the family into the car for days of fun in the sun, surf and sand at your local beach. Nowadays, many beaches allow dogs to join in the family fun; but taking your dog with you to the beach requires a little aforethought.

Here are 10 TIPS think about to keep you and your dog happy, healthy and safe for a day at the beach…


Tip #1: Have a leash

Even it you’re visiting an off-leash beach or park, it’s important to always bring a leash and collar with you. Often times the walk to the beach is alongside roadways and thru parking lots. It’s important to keep your dog safe to and from the beach, so always bring a leash with you.

Tip #2: Be Sure THE Beach is Dog-Friendly

Dogs love the surf!

Most beaches do not allow dogs, so do some research before you head out. In my home state of Oregon, there are many beaches throughout the state that allow dogs.

Check out this list of the top dog friendly beaches in Oregon.

Here are two good list of dog friendly beaches in California. The Bringfido.com list and another list of great beaches on Californiabeaches.com.

TIP #3: Bring a Water Bowl & Water

Keep your dog hydrated! Have fresh cool water available to them at all times and be sure to bring along a good bowl for your dog to drink from.

For suggestions on a dog travel bowl, read my article entitled “The 10 Steps to Master the Art of Walking A Dog.”

TIP #4: Bring an Umbrella for SHADE

Provide shade for your dog. Dogs can overheat on a hot day and should have access to nice cool shade to relax under.


Your dog needs sunscreen tooDogs can burn in the sun just like people can. Did you know that dogs can use sunscreen too? It’s true. One great brand is called “My Dog Nose It!” It’s a balm that is specially formulated for your dog and is completely safe to use. Here is a link on Amazon, where it sells for about $8.

Another good choice might be the Doggy Sunwipes from Petkin.

TIP #6: Bring Doggie Poop Bags

Dogs poop everywhere. Nuf said. See my blog for recommendations.

TIP #7: Avoid Riptides and Strong Currents

Dogs at the beach and surf dangersThe ocean can be as dangerous as it is beautiful. Always keep an eye out for beach signs indicating strong tides. Be sure to also check the local weather and surf advisories.

TIP #8: Rinse off Salt Water

After a day in the surf and on the beach, it’s important to rinse off the sand and salt water from your dog’s coat.


Teach your dog to not drink the salt water at the beach. It’s not good for your dog to drink and can bring on dangerous overheating and dehydration.

Tip #10: Bring Blankets and Towels

Wet dogs need towelsYour dog is going to get wet. Plan ahead and bring along plenty of towels and blankets to dry and keep your pet warm and cozy for the ride home.


Have FUN!!


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Erik Muenker
About the Author

Erik Muenker is a retired police officer and now owns and operates a dog walking service in Hillsboro, Oregon – ErikWalksDogs.com.  In addition to working with dogs while on the force, Erik has over 20 years experience personally training and walking dogs of all breeds and temperaments. Why? Simply put, “I love being around dogs and helping out their owners with quality professional care.”

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