Did you Doggie Dash 2018?

Doggie Dash MAY 2018 | Waterfront Park
Portland, OR

Did you know that over 4,000 dogs joined 7,000 of their family and friends at this year’s Doggie Dash 2018 at Portland’s Tom McCall Waterfront Park. Sponsored by the Oregon Humane Society, the event is held in May each year and consists of two walks, a 1.5 mile walk and the classic 2.5 mile Bridge-to-Bridge walk.


After the two massive main features, The Dog Walks, concluded – a bunch of other activities began. There were talent contests, costume competitions, musical chairs contest and even a peanut butter lick-off!

The food was excellent and for those early risers, a tasty pancake breakfast. Also on tap for fun during the event: an animal masseur, amazingly great face painting, the Ducky Float game for kids, an impressive pet communicator, a giant dog birthday cake, paw print art, and much more!

The turnout was so impressive, Tri-Met allowed dogs on all their trains and buses until 2pm the day of the event.


The goal of the event was to raise money to benefit The Oregon Humane Society. The OHS shelters pets, fights animal cruelty and works to heal pet injuries of those in it’s care. A total of $700,000 was raised to support OHS. Congratulations again to OHS on a successful event and on your 150th year anniversary!


SubaruCity Wentworth SponsorMany thanks to Wentworth SubaruCity for being the principle sponsor of the 2018 event!